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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Bessie Tax - VWT5 Transformation and Conversion Begins

When Bettertax found me I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. (My story begins here). I'd been worked hard by previous owners and even auctioned off as a non runner.

Seeing past all that, Bettertax acquired me for a purpose. They knew I could be transformed into a thing of beauty, with even greater functionality to serve the hard working construction industry!

The vision was to convert me into a portable office. I'd be out on the road visiting construction sites, industrial estates, events - anywhere that would bring us to the people that wanted and needed our tax returns service.

I was given a new paint job, panels removed and replaced with privacy windows and check out my alloy wheels!

VWT5 2004 new paint job and conversion

2004 VWT5 nearside view

2004 VWT5 offside rear

I feel and look amazing!

It doesn't end here though - ooooh nooooo! Next stop is the conversion workshop.

Please join me again tomorrow :).

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