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Monday, 12 May 2014

Fantasy Football 2013 - 2014 Winners!

And another season is over - a real up and downer! Congratulations to Manchester City.

And congratulations to our top 3 winners.

  1.     Expected Toulouse Ryan MacDonald final points = 2,409
  2.     peas-in-a-pod Gavin Cook final points = 2,365
  3.     Rhyl Madrid Chris Hughes final points = 2,349
  4.     Goonian Republic Ricky Garcha final points = 2,347

I have left Ricky there (4th) as he'll enjoy the idea of how close he came!


Winners will need to get in touch with me to claim prizes (after proving eligibility to the prize). Our rules are quite clear that you need to be working in the UK construction industry.

Please contact me via email, facebook, twitter, G+, Linkedin or even one of the forums we are on (you'll know which!).

Thanks for playing :)

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