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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Chance of FREE tax service for one tax year!

We recently posted to our Facebook page a notice of yet another HMRC phishing scam via emails.

Did you know that if you like a post, like a page and share posts, the people on your friends list are more likely to see it. What's more, you are more likely to see more posts from that page that could hold interesting, important and sometimes (as in our case) amusing content.

To encourage the spread of the warning we thought we'd offer a "reward" to those good enough to like the post (clearly they like our page already! Thank you!) and also to hopefully get more people engaging in our content by liking our page).

The offer of the Bettertax tax service free for one tax year seemed like a good way of saying thanks.

To qualify and be in with a chance, hop on over to our Facebook page, using the link just above, "Like" the post and if you don't already, "Like" the page!

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Simple as that!

Here's what we said:


HMRC phishing scams are doing the rounds again. Remember: HMRC NEVER VOLUNTARILY TELL YOU A TAX REFUND IS DUE TO YOU!

You could be due a tax rebate though. Bettertax have been vetted by HMRC and deemed a “low risk” tax agent, which means any tax we get back for clients is SAFE!

Liking us will also warn your friends and colleagues about the phishing scam!

If you “like” Bettertax - Tradesmen's Tax Refunds Specialists already, then “like” this PAGE post.

If you haven’t “liked” our page before, then do it now.

Either “like” will enter you into a draw with the chance of winning our service free of charge for a tax year!

So rock on over and like!

Remember our tax advice is always free anyway, so if you have questions about your tax situation, give us a shout!

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