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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Better Late Than Never! Hi Vis 3rd quarter winners

How very re-miss of us not to have announced our 3rd quarter (April - June) Hi Vis Photo Competition winner/s!

The lads (with help from Karen in the office) at Mitchell's Scaffolding provided us with a series of photos that made it difficult for us to choose a winner. We did though!

We also really liked these as well:

After speaking with Karen, it was decided that the best choice of the £100 prize was £80 of beer vouchers, for the lads to enjoy a night out and the ladies received a £10 voucher each to spend on something more girlie!

So, you see how easily pleased we are with your photos, why not grab a vest and get snapping? There's still a few weeks left to submit your photos with a chance at the 2 x £100 prizes available during this last quarter.

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