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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Fantasy Football 2011 - 2012 Concludes

With the football season well and truly over, including England's disappointing Euro 2012 attempt, we can finally conclude the Bettertax fantasy football league competition.

The Bettertax 4x4x2 fantasy football league attracted 44 teams, many newcomers to playing in this sort of set up.

We'd like to thank everyone for taking part and to those who stuck with it, actively making transfers and changes to your teams in an attempt to win. I must admit here that I did become very lazy and so coming in 14th was more luck than skill - or was it ;)!

The team at the top was judged as uneligible for prizes due to only joining the league very late in the season. The team manager graciously accepted this and hopes to show the same kind of winning form next season.

Our winner was then declared as White Eagles F.C managed by Wojciech Grodzki. Wojciech chose the new West Ham away shirt:

The chosen charity was Cancer Research UK.

Our 2nd place runner-up was Stato's Allstars 6
managed by Neil Hale. Neil also chose Cancer Research UK as the recipient of his £50 donation.

Bettertax has made the £100 donation to the charity on behalf of Neil and Wojciech.

We consider the league to have been successful good fun and intend to set up a new league during July, when opens again.

We'd love to see you all again, a little wiser next time, so keep watching out for announcements on Facebook, Twitter, Scaffs forum, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Enjoy the summer - let's hope the sun shines for us all!

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