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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Self Assessment Tax Returns for 2011 - 2012 in Full Swing!

Since the start of the new tax year, April 6th 2012, it's been very hectic at Bettertax. Not that we're complaining!!

self assessment tax returns

Most people filing self assessment tax returns wait until nearer the January 31st deadline, as, in most cases, they will owe tax from the previous year so want to hold onto their money for as long as possible.

However, for those working in the construction industry and under CIS, it is invariably them that the tax man owes money to - hence the scramble at the start of the tax year.

Quite right too! There is no reason to delay claiming your tax money back.

More often than not, PAYE construction worker tradesmen will have eligibility to tax refunds too.The PAYE tax rebate process is slightly more complex but we explain how it works on our website.

Either way, as soon as you have your earnings evidenced (CIS tradesmen will have proof of pay already along with their purchase expenditures, PAYE will need a P60), there is no reason to delay the tax rebate process.

Bettertax are the tradesman's tax refund specialists and experts in getting the maximum tax refunds possible.

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