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Monday, 2 April 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Bettertax are thriving and flourishing

It's been brought to our attention by some of our clients that there’s a rumour circling with regards to our current status. This rumour seems to have come about due to a small number of delayed payments to clients in the last week, and so we thought we should take the opportunity to make the situation clear.

During last week, (March 26th 2012) and even through to today, (April 2nd 2012) our bank has had server issues on the bank's side, meaning we haven't been able to get access to our secure client bank account to pay clients' tax refunds out, into their accounts.

There have been some slight delays but they are simply slight delays as a consequence of the above and nothing more sinister. All client funds are absolutely safe and held in the same secure bank account they’ve always been. Clients can rest assured that we’re making every effort to get their money to them as quickly as possible.

Let us assure anyone reading this, and most importantly, our clients, that despite any rumours you may have heard, we are in fact entering the next phase of our growth and employing more staff to continue to provide the excellent customer service we have built a reputation for and you’ve become accustomed to whilst our client base continues to grow.

We have complete faith that Barclays Bank are doing all that is necessary for their online servers to be working properly as soon as possible.

Thanks, the Bettertax team

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