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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Bettertax pay your VAT for Tax Refunds on 2011 - 2012 Tax Year!

Everyone dislikes paying VAT and being in our line of business, it goes without saying that we don't like to charge it...particularly on the service we provide.

After all, our service only facilitates the recovery of tax, that you’ve already overpaid. Bettertax have decided that our clients will not pay the VAT owed for the 2011/12 tax year. We will in fact, pay the VAT for you.

This means you’ll get the full 70% of your claim back as opposed to the 64% you would have received after VAT in previous years.

We looked for a good solution that would benefit all clients and decided that applying this offer to the 11/12 tax year only, seems to be the fairest for everyone.

Bettertax will never be the type of company that only gives special offers & rates to new clients...where would we be without our returning clients? So, if tax years 08/09, 09/10 & 10/11 are also being claimed in addition to your 11/12, those previous years will be subject to VAT as they were for all existing clients.

We're very happy to be able to offer this discounted price to all our clients as we look to welcome back existing customers along with saying "hello" to new ones! The new tax year started on 6th April 2012 and we are now talking with and doing tax returns for the 11/12 tax year. If you are CIS and have details of your earnings, you can start the ball rolling now. PAYE tradesmen need to have a P60 to get things started, but you can be collating details of your expenses. You should get your P60 anytime between now and the end of May.

So, let Bettertax pay your Tax! We look forward to speaking with you!

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